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Avanza Medical Research Center is always welcoming new patients to join our database of individuals who are changing the field of medicine by participating in clinical research.


  • Access to new, promising treatments not yet available to the public
  • Take an active role in your own healthcare
  • Obtain expert medical care at leading healthcare facilities during the course of the study
  • Help others by contributing to medical research
  • If you qualify, you may receive compensation for your participation

Participating in clinical research should be a positive, rewarding experience. Of course, no aspect of healthcare carrying such potential for benefits can be without risk, which people should consider before agreeing to take part in a study. Our researchers, as well as ethics committees, are dedicated to ensuring that all participants are treated well and that their safety and wellbeing are respected during the course of a study.


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As a research patient, you are helping to bring new drug therapies and medical devices to the masses. Together, we can drive healthcare forward.